Virtual Dental Visits

Are you in pain but unable to come in and see the dentist? Do you want to know if your dental problem is urgent, or if it can wait? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Dental Aid is pleased to offer virtual dental visits with the use of Teledentistry. Teledentistry allows us to perform a limited consultation to determine if you should be seen now, or if it is better to be scheduled in the future. Schedule your virtual dental visit today to get the care and answers you need.


When you click to schedule your virtual dental visit, you will be taken to our teledentistry service, Teledentix, to register for the service and make an appointment.

Dental Aid video call

What is Teledentistry?

Teledentistry refers to the “virtual visits” that take place between patients and dentists via computer or smart phone.  The video and audio connectivity allows “virtual” meetings to occur in real time, from virtually any location.

A teledentistry visit can be a videoconference between you and a dentist regarding an urgent dental problem, and it can also provide you with improved access to information about the importance of oral health. Teledentistry services include:

  • Visually assess fractured or broken teeth, swelling, or facial trauma.
  • Support pain management strategies
  • Prescribe antibiotics if necessary
  • Plan for a safe and efficient visit to the dental office if necessary
  • Evaluate post-operative pain